One of the first project embarked on by the Yakote Women Farmers Association in 2009 was to provide a subsidy so that women could pay for the government health care card for a year. Approximately 100 women have now received the comparable of $7 USD towards their $10 USD health care card allowing both themselves as well as their more than 300 children to be covered for the next year. More women will be enrolled as the year progresses and they become eligible. The women prioritized this as high since their health was important to the stability of the family and to their ability to produce the additional income that would allow them to pay for their children’s education.

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Goats for saleThis project provides the funds to buy a goat for middle school age children so that they can raise money to pay for their secondary school fees. Many bright and eager students are not able to continue their education beyond 8th grade due to the costs associated with secondary school in Ghana. All secondary schools are boarding schools and all children who attend secondary school are sent to schools in locations away from home and family. The school fees and books alone range from $250 to $600 per year. In addition, because of the schools being boarding schools, the first year students and their families must purchase a mattress, bedding, towels, cooking and eating utensils, bath supplies, uniforms, a locker, etc. Each school has a long list of required supplies. In the rural areas where the average family’s annual income is less than $400 this is well beyond their means. With one or more goats a student can raise goats to sell in the market and even more important have hope for their future.

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