The 127 yakote women farmers who make up the association met in October 2009 to prioritize their needs. High on their list was the construction of a grain storage facility. The women currently have developed their own farm plots of several acres each separate from the family plots where they grow maize, millet, rice and beans during the wet season. If they sell it at harvest time the prices at market are relatively low. However, if they wre able to store the grain until the dry season they would be able to realize significantly higher proceeds as prices rise in the market. A communal coop grain storage facility safe from pests, theft and the elements would cost approximately $2500 to construct using volunteer labor.

About yakote

The Yakote Women Farmers Association is made up of approximately 150 women who live in and near the village of Yakote in the far northeaster
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  1. Watch this excellent video about women’s voices bringing agricultural improvement.

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